What you seem to be enjoying naturally is also a Design

by Jayanti Sabdani
July 6, 2019

What you seem to be enjoying naturally is also a Design

Do you agree, everything is Design?

It is natural to look at the naturalness of things and wonder deep down about its existence. There are things that intrigue us to the point that over a period of time we stop realizing that what is it that structures our world in amazingly systematic ways. Such is the power of Design that it exists in every area of our life and it is only upon careful examination that one can feel its presence in their lives. Design then can be seen as the phenomenon that brings ideas to life by preparing preliminary sketches  of the work that is intended to be executed for the fulfillment of a particular purpose.

Design can be seen as a unification of human psychology, technology, sociology, art and music. In this light, design can be seen as enveloping life itself. It is not to exaggerate but design is a very powerful force in our lives. It is of no wonder if someone is to look at anything near to him/her and find it to be a design. This is so because everything we use from our cell phones to as basic as tooth brushes is all part of that one process called Design. 

The process of transforming complexity into simplicity is ‘DESIGN’

The fact being that design surrounds us in every area of our life makes it clear that it is a tool of communication between the designers of the product and its users. Design thus can be seen as a creative problem solving process that in the very first place understands the constraints that people are facing and then communicating via  their designs in order to find creative solutions for those constraints. Since designers understand people’s constraints and hold key solutions for them, they tend to exert a powerful influence on users in terms of their decision making process. It is here that it becomes crucially important to understand the need of connection with basic human engagements that the designers need to forge. 

Design is thoughtful. It studies itself well along with me and you.

A very important feature of design is that it holds power to alter our lives not only in terms of physical world but also in terms of our ideas and views about our cultural and social life. To substantiate this argument, let us take the example of a school campus that is inclusive in terms of providing ramps and other facilities for its PWD students as opposed to a school which is not. Now, it is obvious that in the former situation, the attitude of students and teachers towards disability would be very different from the latter and thus here it is the inclusive design that could possibly be the reason for difference of attitudes and viewpoints.

Design can be seen as a problem solver in today’s world for it is not about beauty or aesthetics but about finding problems and presenting them in a compelling way such that people rely on designs for their solutions. Design then can be seen as changing the world by taking individual problems and analysing them on a smaller level leading on to solving worldwide problems. The idea of crowdfunding can find appropriate relevance here. The idea brings fundraisers from all over the world to come together and pool their funds for an idea that they like. The working of this system thus solves the problems of startups and individuals with paucity of funds. To see this example is to look at the design of the idea of crowdfunding itself that identified the biggest limitation that hinders innovation and finding solution to raise the funds in a way different from the already existing system of bank loans or personal loans that demands huge interest rates.

To know what we consume and why we consume and what we think of how we live is to know what is Design.

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